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JP-H06179689-A: 2,4-diamino-1,3,5-triazinyl-6-phosphonic acid derivative patent, JP-H06180148-A: Storage type electrical hot water heater and its controlling method patent, JP-H06180203-A: 位置検出装置 patent, JP-H06180477-A: ハロゲン化銀写真感光材料およびそれを用いた画像形成方法 patent, JP-H06180491-A: 写真の褪色防止用合成樹脂皮膜 patent, JP-H06180794-A: Traveling vehicle photographing device patent, JP-H06180903-A: 磁気記録再生装置 patent, JP-H06181658-A: Purifier for water tank patent, JP-H06181740-A: 培養用容器及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H06182874-A: Lining method for pipe patent, JP-H06182947-A: 多層プラスチック容器 patent, JP-H06183439-A: シート収納箱 patent, JP-H06184353-A: Use of hals compound patent, JP-H06184634-A: Mo-v series ultra-high tensile strength electric resistance welded steel tube and its production patent, JP-H06185664-A: カートリッジ型絞り弁 patent, JP-H06185691-A: Control device for suppressing sound and vibration of liquid for liquid pipe line patent, JP-H06185737-A: Micro-wave oven with turn table patent, JP-H06186109-A: ガス供給設備異常検出装置 patent, JP-H06186286-A: Connector for ic tester patent, JP-H06186880-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-H06187526-A: Pattern scanning method for person number detector patent, JP-H06187846-A: 電磁遮蔽ケーブル patent, JP-H06188076-A: 灯火断芯検出装置 patent, JP-H06188107-A: Sensitivity adjuster of photoelectric sensor patent, JP-H06188239-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H06188987-A: Digital exchange patent, JP-H06188988-A: Communication terminal equipment patent, JP-H06189453-A: Method for creating recovery procedure for electric power system patent, JP-H06190848-A: Molding method and device for laminated molding patent, JP-H06192355-A: 放射線硬化性樹脂組成物及びその硬化物 patent, JP-H0619245-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H06192813-A: Endothermic gas purge device for rotary furnace oil seal patent, JP-H0619308-A: Developer cartridge and image forming device using it patent, JP-H06193570-A: 密閉形スクロール圧縮機 patent, JP-H06194312-A: 時間分解蛍光励起スペクトル測定装置 patent, JP-H06194553-A: ギヤ式駆動力伝達機構を有するレンズ鏡筒及び ギヤ間隔調節方法 patent, JP-H06196225-A: 電気コネクタ組立体 patent, JP-H06196355-A: セラミック電子部品の製造方法 patent, JP-H06196777-A: レーザ発振器 patent, JP-H06197311-A: Band compression signal processor patent, JP-H0619837-A: 画像読取装置 patent, JP-H06198458-A: Method for joining different metals patent, JP-H06200206-A: Black stain and method for permeation-dyeing of woods patent, JP-H06200892-A: 液化ガスタンク用潜設ポンプ装置 patent, JP-H06201412-A: Recording roll paper patent, JP-H06202255-A: ハロゲン化銀多分散写真乳剤の製造方法及び製造装置 patent, JP-H06202947-A: バッファ・メモリ制御装置 patent, JP-H06203029-A: 文書処理装置 patent, JP-H06203150-A: Still picture reproducing device patent, JP-H06203205-A: カードのイメージ読み取り装置 patent, JP-H0620337-A: Magnetic recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H0620373-A: フロッピィディスク装置 patent, JP-H06203768-A: 偏向ヨーク装置 patent, JP-H06203769-A: 偏向ヨークおよびその製造方法 patent, JP-H0620555-A: 押釦装置 patent, JP-H06205653-A: ラクチュロースオリゴ糖を有効成分とするミネラル吸収促進剤 patent, JP-H06205775-A: Catheter for ultrasonic diagnostic device in celom patent, JP-H0620739-A: ヒンジ付コネクタ patent, JP-H06207485-A: キャッチ付き窓用開閉金具 patent, JP-H06208208-A: Photographic element consisting of yellow coupler having ionic and/or soluble aryloxy decoupling group patent, JP-H06209054-A: 半導体装置 patent, JP-H062095-A: TiAl基合金製自動車エンジン用部品の製造方法 patent, JP-H06209627-A: 茎葉処理機 patent, JP-H06209845-A: Automatic rice cooking device patent, JP-H06210725-A: Easy bonding polyester film patent, JP-H06211174-A: 無限軌道車両の無限軌道 patent, JP-H06211405-A: Recording device provided with retrogression preventing means patent, JP-H06211623-A: Freeze-dried biomatrix patent, JP-H06212105-A: Ink composition and its preparation patent, JP-H06212375-A: Production of copper foil good in water wettability patent, JP-H06212476-A: Production of electrode substrate for cell patent, JP-H06212527-A: スパン複合糸の製造方法 patent, JP-H06212826-A: Sky parking facility patent, JP-H06214060-A: Time synchronizing method patent, JP-H06215242-A: 自動販売機の商品選択装置 patent, JP-H06215571-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit patent, JP-H06216623-A: 移動体用衛星放送受信アンテナの姿勢制御装置 patent, JP-H06216758-A: プログラマブルロジックアレイおよびそのテスト方法 patent, JP-H0621707-A: 誘電体共振器の電極形成方法 patent, JP-H06217455-A: Surge absorbing circuit for dc power supply patent, JP-H0621796-A: 光電検出装置における干渉防止装置 patent, JP-H06218047-A: 透析治療に於ける循環血液量の相対的変動測定装置及びその測定方法 patent, JP-H06218402-A: Tandem rolling mill line patent, JP-H062184-A: Production of ursodeoxycholic acid patent, JP-H06218543-A: 集合ブランク部材 patent, JP-H06219425-A: Rotary type heat sealer in bag-making, packing machines, etc., and its manufacturing method patent, JP-H0621943-A: インテリジェントネットワーク系サービスの加入者線及び局間共通線の信号モニタ方法 patent, JP-H06219863-A: 電気泳動沈積による円錐形微孔セラミツクの製造 patent, JP-H06220040-A: Method for removing benzene patent, JP-H06220181-A: ポリカーボネート共重合体とその製造法及びこれを用いた電子写真感光体 patent, JP-H0622072-A: ファクシミリ装置及び記録方法 patent, JP-H06221373-A: 流体式制振装置 patent, JP-H06222579-A: Electrophotographic sensitive body patent, JP-H06222784-A: Karaoke device patent, JP-H06223017-A: 計算機システム patent, JP-H06223733-A: 陰極線管の陰極構造 patent, JP-H06225634-A: Method for grafting cucumbers and tool used therefor patent, JP-H06225871-A: Testee mounting top plate for ct radiography patent, JP-H06227633-A: Modular conveyor chain having opening hinge pin construction patent, JP-H06228218-A: Photoinitiator for photopolymerization of unsaturated system patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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